Evening event at Production Technology Center

Production Technology Center in Trollhättan is an arena for research collaboration and education. This is a meeting point where technicians and engineers from companies meet the university's researchers and students to develop new technologies and methods as well as business opportunities and skills to make industry more sustainable, efficient and future-proof companies.

During the evening, in around 1 hour, all participants will have the opportunity to see more details from all research and development that takes place at PTC. Researchers and engineers from GKN Aerospace and University West will show some examples in a number of stations in PTC, described below.

Fasaden på Produktionstekniskt centrum Trollhättan

Photo: Peter Appelin

Welcome to our research environment!

Station A: Additive Manufacturing – L-DEDw and L-DEDp

University West’s research within welding-based AM in metal is demonstrated by GKN Aerospace, Fredrik Sikström from University West, Petter Hagquist from Procada and representatives from GKN Aerospace.

Station B: Smart Automation

The automation of the future is even more flexible than ever. The demonstration shows examples of how the automation of the future can be both more flexible and provide greater opportunities to replace and recycle equipment in new applications. Presented by Fredrik Danielsson from University West and  representatives from GKN Aerospace.

Station C: CT scanning

Demonstration of our Non-destructive testing lab and an advanced computer tomography equipment that enables complete transparency and analysis of “the inside” of components. Presented by Erik Lindgren from University West and representatives from GKN Aerospace.

Station D: Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Demonstration of the FSW joining process that is highly relevant for welding joints in battery packs for electric vehicles. A research area where University West has a unique position. Presented by Vivek Patel from University West.

Station E: Additive Manufacturing/WAAM - Welding (MIG/MAG/TIG)

University West’s research within welding-based AM in metal is demonstrated by Mattias Igestrand from University West.

Station F: Additive Manufacturing - LWC, L-DEDw and L-DEDp 

GKN​ Aerospace shows examples of how to work with method development in laser-based robotic welding/additive manufacturing. 

Station G: Thermal Spray

Thermal spray is an advanced surface coating method with a wide range of uses - everything from heat insulating or corrosion protection layers, to surface layers for batteries or fuel cell production. Presented by Stefan Björklund from University West.

Station H: Powder bed fusion additive manufacturing 

University West’s research within powder bed additive manufacturing (AM-PBF) is demonstrated by Kameshwaran Swaminathan and Jonas Olsson from University West and representatives from GKN Aerospace.

Station I: Composite plant - GKN Aerospace

Presentators will be announced later.​

Station J: Additive Manufacturing – SAW

Presented by Peigang Li and Niclas Berglund​ from University West.

Station K:  Gleeble & Fatigue - equipments for physical simulation and properties evaluations

Presented by Achmad Ariaseta and Karthik Vaidyalingam Arumugam from University West.